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First of all I would like to welcome you on my page!

I grew up with graffiti having a brother started in the 80’s.
Since 1993 I started doing graffiti myself being a part of the scene with my generation of artists.

With my graffiti background one of my good friends and later teacher I started my apprenticeship in an oldskool way of tattooing around 1998.
Afther years I started to get more focussed on tattooing in 2014 since now.

Becouse of my graffiti background I love to express this in the way of tattooing so my first priority is doing as much as possible graffiti tattoos.
Next to that I do more kind of tattoos as you can see on my pictures.

Next to tattooing and graffiti I also give graffiti workshops and create bodypaintings, costumized canvaspaintings and wallpaintings.

Please feel free to ask questions and leave me a review on my website.

Kind regards,

Tinta Hitam (Spraycanartist)

Bookings and info

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IK: TintaHitam

Whatsapp: +31638923238

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